18 April 2012

Who is the commuter cyclist (Mighk Wilson)

  • We are citizens who often drive bicycles. 
  • We are confident road users who pose very little danger to others, and only rarely are we seriously hurt ourselves. 
  • We are highly competent and predictable. 
  • We work to make our public roads safer for everyone, especially pedestrians and children. 
  • We are healthy and positive because we get regular moderate exercise; we engage positively with our community, instead of being walled-off behind steel and glass. 
  • We believe anyone can quickly learn to bike competently and confidently on our roads, and offer a variety of fun and effective ways for people to do so. 
  • Many of us wear helmets because they are cheap insurance to protect against the rare head injury, but we don’t get too worked up if others don’t wear them. 
  • We encourage federal, state and local governments to treat us as vehicle drivers with the same rights and responsibilities as all other drivers, and not as second-class citizens who are “in the way.” 
  • Please come join us!